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lll SMARTTOP Workman Hardtop (Mid Roof - 3 Sides Opening) is the new evolution of commercial canopy. WORKMAN is a great answer for fleet operators and tradesmen who use their truck for commercial and working purposes. However, WORKMAN can provide not only great utility and maximum capacity, but also have a modern design that can build good image for you and your company. Two of the key features in WORKMAN are an integrated spoiler and fiberglass 3-sides opening doors with a central locking system with a single-coded master key and a separated remote control. 

lll SMART in Benefit…
Our Hardtops/Canopies will help to protect your cargo, tools, and equipment from all-weather elements and theft.

lll SMART in Quality…
Our Hardtops/Canopies are manufactured using the highest OEM quality parts and raw materials from ISO9000 and ISO14001 certified suppliers. This guarantees our Hardtops/Canopies to be of the highest standard, which are rush free, durable, and long-lasting.

lll SMART in Design…
Our stylish Hardtops/Canopies are sporty and aerodynamic in design and will compliment your vehicle, reducing wind drag and increasing your vehicles fuel economy. All our Hardtops/ Canopies are designed to offer easy and hassle-free operational usage, whilst giving you added and secure storage space for your cargo.

  • Highest quality 3-5 layer fiberglass structure with reinforced composite
  • Smooth and perfect surface (easy to paint)
  • Light weight less than steel 4 times (easy to lift up and install >>> Cost saving)
  • Non-corrosion. Resist up to 120+ degree and durable below to -30 degree.
  • Repairable (ABS can’t) / Easy to care
  • Electric insulator / UV durability

lll SMARTTOP Unique Features


  • Highest quality 3-5 layer fiberglass structure with reinforced composite
  • lll SMARTTOP unique surface design with integrated spoiler 
  • 3 solid sides-opening doors with high level of angle when opening 
  • High-quality handle with high safety quality lllSMARTTOP brand key set
  • Lockable with double-sided locking mechanisms on all doors
  • Central locking system with a separated remote control and a single-coded master key
  • Available both primer base and painted (2K)


  • Automotive quality white smooth texture and easily wipe down/or glued carpet  
  • High quality STABILUS gas struts from Germany 
  • Integrated conduit to allow extra fitments of electric tools 
  • Stainless Steel hinges & screws with ABS cover (rush free) H
  • High quality aluminum, non-drill clamp lock with hooks attached with aluminium bar 
  • LED cabin light with on/off switch (No wiring, battery power) 


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