lll SMARTTOP SX is the new evolution of a multi-functional canopy for high-end market. SX is developed from the idea of crossover between utility and style. It comes with not only great loading capacity, but also SMARTTOP’s unique design together with our integrated spoiler on fiberglass-frame rear window, which makes SX have high strength and differentiates from others. For customizing, it can fit both pop-out and lockable pop-up side windows, which allow more access to the cargo area.

lll SMART in Benefit…
Our Hardtops/Canopies will help to protect your cargo, tools, and equipment from all-weather elements and theft.

lll SMART in Quality…
Our Hardtops/Canopies are manufactured using the highest OEM quality parts and raw materials from ISO9000 and ISO14001 certified suppliers. This guarantees our Hardtops/Canopies to be of the highest standard, which are rush free, durable, and long-lasting.

lll SMART in Design…
Our stylish Hardtops/Canopies are sporty and aerodynamic in design and will compliment your vehicle, reducing wind drag and increasing your vehicles fuel economy. All our Hardtops/ Canopies are designed to offer easy and hassle-free operational usage, whilst giving you added and secure storage space for your cargo.

  • Highest quality 3-5 layer fiberglass structure with reinforced composite
  • Smooth and perfect surface (easy to paint)
  • Light weight, than steel 4 times (easy to lift up and install >>> Cost saving)
  • Non-corrosion. Resist up to 120+ degree and durable below to -30 degree.
  • Repairable (ABS can’t) / Easy to care
  • Electric insulator / UV durability


lll SMARTTOP Unique Features


  • Highest quality 3-5 layer fiberglass structure with reinforced composite
  • Integrated spoiler with E-Marked LED 3rd brake light
  • Fiberglass-frame rear window with heater wire (tinted or clear)
  • Side windows (sliding or lockable pop-up) (tinted or clear)
  • Sliding or drop-down front window (clear) for cleaning purpose
  • High quality 2-sided handle with high safety quality lllSMARTTOP brand key set
  • ?Lockable with double-sided locking mechanisms/
  • Central locking system (Optional)
  • Fixed black roof rails (Optional)?
  • Available both primer base and painted (2K)


  • Automotive quality carpet or vinyl inner lining (grey)
  • ?High quality STABILUS gas strut from Europe
  • Stainless Steel hinges & screws with ABS cover (rush free)?
  • High quality aluminum, non-drill clamp lock with hooks attached with aluminium bar
  • Automatic or Manual LED cabin light with on/off switch (No wiring, battery power)
  • Waterproof EDPM Bed Seal on the bottom of hardtop in the installation kit
SMART/// SX | Available Model

Double Cap

* Smarttop Canopy reserves the right to change or modify the price, amenities, interior designs and specification at any time without prior notice.

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