llSMARTTOP'S History

Potential Smarttop Co., Ltd., is an automotive accessories manufacturer  based  in  Samutprakarn  province,  East  of Bangkok, Thailand. The company is in the Potential Group, which  contains  another  leading  company  in  distributing many  famous  car  audio  &  windows  film’s  brands 

such  as ,Potential Enterprise Co., Ltd. that established  since  1994  and  has  more  than  350+  local dealers in Thailand.

In  the  past,  Potential Smarttop  is  formed  by  a  group  of experienced  automotive  professionals  as  a  design  and marketing firm, then to fulfill higher demand and have our own  control  power  in  standard  and  quality,  we  have decided  to  set  up  a  factory  in  3,000  s.q.m.  since  October 2012 to manufacture our products under the brand  

Potential  Smarttop  has  more  than  35  authorized  international distributors  in  Europe,  South  America,  South  Africa, Oceania,  Asia,  and  the Middle  East.  Strategically,  we  are looking for key distributors who want to form a sustainable alliance with us for expanding our market together in long term.

High-Quality  Standard  and  Innovative  Technology  are  the key values in our business. We pay the highest attention to put  these  two  key  values  into  our  design,  product mechanism,  manufacturing  process,  raw  materials  and production quality assurance.